We're running out of time to spend CARES Act relief funds.


The state has $320 million of unallocated CARES Act relief funds. To use all of these funds by December 30, 2020, the state now must spend $3,200,000 each day (that's $133,333.33 each hour).

Spend CARES monies now!

Since March, the Working Families Coalition has advocated for residents to have their needs met. We have witnessed our families’ strength and resiliency tested over the past 6 months. The assistance provided by the state and counties thus far has kept many of our residents afloat but there are still unmet needs. With job loss, the adoption of distance learning, and immigrants being left out of federal aid packages, targeted assistance will be key to prevent additional suffering. The WFC requests to use the remaining CARES funds to:

  • Restore $200 million for “plus up” unemployment insurance payments of $100 per week that was vetoed
  • Allocate $65 million for health insurance subsidies and community health centers
  • Allocate $15 million for food banks and other food assistance
  • Allocate $10 million for immigrants shut out of other federal assistance
  • Allocate $20 million to provide broadband internet to students who currently lack access to distance learning

We have an opportunity to get money to families in desperate need from now until the end of December when money is either moved to the unemployment insurance trust fund or reverts to the federal government where it will do comparatively little to no good for Hawaii's people. Putting the money into families’ hands instead of a trust fund benefits our local businesses and can help sustain our economy. With looming state budget cuts and no agreement on another federal package, this may be the last significant infusion of funding for our communities.

Our families and communities deserve better. We respectfully ask you to take the necessary actions to get the CARES Act funds out quickly to your constituents who desperately need it.