How to Submit Testimony

Your voice makes a difference. Here's a quick guide on how to submit your testimony on bills in the Legislature. If you need help with any of these steps, email us at [email protected]. Don't forget to sign up for free action alerts on important bills at the bottom of this page!

1. Create an account on the Hawaiʻi State Legislature website.
Click here to create an account.
• The website will then send you an email to verify your account; be sure to follow the link to finish setting up your account.

2. Go to the Legislature's "Submit Testimony" page.
• Click here to go directly to the "Submit Testimony" page.
• Type in the bill number, then click "Continue."

3. Fill out the form.
• Choose whether you support, oppose, or offer comments on the bill.
• Also indicate whether you can attend the hearing and will share your testimony orally. 

4. Add your testimony.
• You have two options: You can write your testimony on your computer (using Word, Google Docs, etc), then upload it to the website. Alternatively, you can type your testimony directly on the website.
Click here for some tips on writing your testimony.

5. Click "Submit."
• You're done!

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