Become a Member

The Working Families Coalition (WFC) is a membership-based partnership of local organizations and individuals whose goals align with an identified mission and vision for Hawaiʻi’s working families. We come together to support policies that achieve our vision of building power and the collective impact of Hawaiʻi’s working families by engaging with them in advocacy. WFC is supported through the engagement of organizations and individuals who are committed to collaboration, resource sharing, lobbying, and prioritizing issues that positively impact Hawaiʻi’s families.

Mission Statement
To influence the development and passage of legislation and policies at the city, county and state levels that will significantly improve the lives of Hawaiʻi’s working families.

The Working Families Coalition is a partnership of community members, unions, academia, and businesses that work together to create a place where Hawaiʻi’s working families can thrive and live with dignity and respect for generations to come.

WFC membership organizations and individuals engage through the following guidelines:

  • Exhibit a strong commitment to work together to create a place where Hawaiʻi’s working families can thrive and live with dignity and respect for generations to come.
  • Share the partnership's mission and operating values

WFC membership organizations have the right to disagree with the group’s coordinated measures using respectful and open dialogue within the confines of the group. However, member organizations agree not to run an opposition campaign or publicly oppose, through written testimony or other lobbying, WFC’s voted upon advocacy initiatives.

  • Each member organization will designate a representative(s) to participate in the Working Families Coalition partnership to:
  • Share their organization’s goals and priorities with the partnership;
  • Identify member representation for the partnership meetings and initiatives, related to priorities;
  • Communicate the partnership’s priorities, outcomes, and related opportunities within their respective organization and related network


  • Only members can vote on initiatives and priorities.
  • State agency representatives are welcome to attend and participate but state agencies cannot be voting members.
  • In order for a vote to pass, 75% of members must agree. Abstaining from a vote will be considered a “YES” vote.
  • Votes may occur in person or via email.

Meetings will be held at least monthly, unless designated otherwise, and are open to individuals interested in supporting the mission. Membership organizations are encouraged to send a representative to meetings for active participation. Member representatives are expected to attend at least 10 meetings a year.