Civil Beat Community Voice: Legislature Has A Chance To Do Its Job Right

Senator Laura Thielen writes in Civil Beat: "The $632 million in federal COVID money should be used to keep residents, local businesses and nonprofits afloat."

If we refuse to throw the $632 million CARES Relief lifeline to our residents, local businesses and non-profits, and keep it for ourselves instead, the state government will flounder in the water for years after they go down. It wouldn’t be just cruel. It would be self-defeating.

Hawaii residents deserve a clear explanation of how the $632 million of CARES Relief funds will be spent, and an accounting of those expenditures and outcomes at the end of the year. The choices should be based on a coherent strategy outlined by our governor and legislative leadership. We should expect nothing less when we come back to session next week.

Read the full piece here.

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