Share Your COVID-19 Story

COVID-19 has exposed the disparities in our economy across the nation. This pandemic has shown that our economy is not set up to support everyone. We cannot go back to business as usual. Now more than ever, working families need to raise their voices and let decision makers know what we need most.  

Is this economy working for you and your family? Are your elected officials serving the public in ways that are helping our communities?

Things don’t change unless we demand they change!  This is why we are starting a campaign about what working families NEED right now.

We want to hear from you and how COVID-19 has impacted you, your work and your family, so please share your story - yes yours! 

Tell us about your experience during this time and what help you need by recording a 20-second video. If you'd prefer to be anonymous, you can write your story instead.

For example, you’ve lost a job, lost your housing, had your hours reduced, have to work from home because of child care/school closure, or are taking care of an aging adult or parent.
     “Both of my children are home with me since child care is closed. I will not be able to return to my  
     job if I don’t have a safe, affordable place for my children to go.”

Click here to share your story and click here to share on social media with the hashtags #PeoplesEconomy and #WorkingFamiliesHI.

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